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Amy Bird


It's safe to say I'm the biggest geek here in the office. I love trying out new gadgets & running gear which is why I would like to share my findings with you! Of course take everything I say with a grain of salt, these are just my opinions so use them or don’t. 😁

Let's Start Toe-Up (Running Socks)

In Mike's last blog he wrote about blisters on trail runs and recommended Sport Shield by 2Toms. Well I'm going to take it a step further and tell you about Feetures Socks. We carry these in our physical store and take them to marathon expos and if you give us a jingle (or email) we'll happily sell you a pair. They turnover so fast we don't have them on our website but we have a variety of colors/styles in stock. I'm a size 8 shoe & the medium fits me well. I prefer the no-show tab, max cushion style but I have lots of the light cushion and a few pair of the ultra lights as well. I spend hours on my feet every day and they really reduce the fatigue.

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel - Feetures Socks

I recently recommended the brand to my hairdresser who never gets to sit down--they're not just for running! I've worn Features for 3-4 years and I have NEVER had a blister with them. Not one. I like to run around in socks at home (and sometimes in the office...) and they wash up great, all of mine still look brand new. I can't wait for a sock delivery day, I'm ready for some more colors in my laundry basket 😊

Women’s Activewear Bottoms

Most of my athletic clothes are the same style tank top in every color available and a couple pair of basic black shorts.  When I find something I like, I buy a ton & hope they don't all wear out at once. When we got our new Reflective 2-in-1 Shorts in I bought a pair right away.  They're so much nicer than the shorts I've collected from big chain stores.

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel - Women's 2-in-1 Reflective Running Shorts - Floral Pattern

The inner shorts fit the legs well, snug but not compression. The waistband is a good width & stays in place without rolling. The drawstring stays inside and it's one piece, not two that need tying and tucking in so it's hidden. And breathable? Oh yeah, no more swamp ass! Nice sized back zipper pocket holds my keys and essentials. I have a larger phone that won't quite fit in it but I usually grab a belt or band to carry the phone by itself. I'm really wearing mine for everything, I bought a second pair already! We offer a plain style with reflective accents & an additional design with a reflective floral design on the front for even more visibility.  We've filled orders for many hash clubs recently and we can customize them for anyone who's interested.

Sound (Running Earbuds)

I've gone through way more than my fair share of wired earbuds.  I'm primarily a rail-trail cyclist but I hammer out miles on the gym stationary bikes too.  I wear them for all the gym equipment, running, hiking & fishing outdoors, mowing the grass, pulling weeds in the garden & daily at my work desk.  

I saw many recommendations for Anker Soundbuds on Reddit and did some Amazon research before I told myself I really did need them for my birthday gift to myself.  My biggest issues with earbuds until this pair were:

  1. Excessive sweating when I workout, buds falling out constantly.
  2. Tangling, even when I ran them under my shirt (& many near wrecks on the trails wrestling with them).  
  3. Thin, fragile wires breaking.

The Ankers are incredible! They came with 4 sizes of ear tips & 3 sizes of the in-ear hooks and I realized one of the reasons I never had earbuds fit right, one of my ears is a little smaller than the other.  I have about 70 hours of listening time with them now and I only had one fall out when I was mowing the lawn. I drape the cable behind my neck & when I need to take them out for a few minutes they have magnets that clack together in the front & hang there like a necklace.

Anker Soundbuds - Best Running Earbuds

The sound quality is really good, I won't say “live concert incredible” but I don't listen to them that loud anyway.  I normally don't even jab them into my ear far so I can still hear outside noise when I'm running, etc. Safety first!  When I did crank them up they sounded great. My other brands cheap wired earbuds aren't a lot to compare to but the Ankers are definitely the best sounding ones I've ever bought.  I ran 5 miles the other day in 80 degree heat, sweating profusely, and had no issues with my tunes. They're listed as sweat proof and water resistant. They charge quickly and they really hold a charge, I only have to plug them in about once a week.  My iPhone shows me how long I have left too so no mid-run surprises. The price was great, they shipped fast & arrived days before I expected them. I'm very happy with my purchase, if you're in the market for a pair give them a try! Check them out here!


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