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Amy Bird

Everyone and their mother is clicking over here to read about "Running with a New Tattoo."  But I  know you're a serious runner, putting in the miles, chasing your own personal demons.  You get out there anytime you can--before dawn, after a double shift, after the kids crash for the night.  (I hear that's when all the best TV shows come on but I'm not sure...been training since 2007.)  Sometimes to keep the streak going you even get up at 2 am to pound the pavement.  Might have really been a leg cramp, I'm not judging.  But you're awake, so why not?

I think about some weird stuff when I'm out in the woods. Yesterday I had circus music stuck in my head on repeat.  Did you know?: A circus march, also known as a screamer, is a form of march music composed for use in circuses, one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the early 20th century.  This piece was played during the entrance of clown acts, and the tune is now inseparably linked to the circus and clowns.

You're welcome.  Try running 5 miles with that ear worm.  Now we've got you here from Google searches about tattoos, screaming, circus clowns & the infamous ear worm.

Do you know anything about reflective? Do you know your chances of getting murdered by someone behind the wheel playing with their phone is skyrocketing by the day? You're not even safe on the sidewalk. You don't “have” to wear it from head to toe but hopefully you wear enough to get someone's attention.  Our shirts feature large reflective graphics and our vests can't be beat.  

We're looking for a few people as crazy as we are to promote running safety. You're out there doing it already, how'd you like to be an RUSEEN Ambassador and earn some free gear?

Meet Michael  If you ever needed some motivation to get up and at it before your brain knows what's going on he's your guy. He's a streak runner, training for a marathon and come wind, rain, sleet, snow or whatever scares off the postman these days, he's running in it! He shares his ups and downs, good days and bad. Give him some love and click Follow, he's always rocking some RUSEEN reflective.

If you'd like to apply to be an ambassador please don't quit your day job. But if you have a few minutes here and there to snap a pic, tag us and share the word with your friends please email with your Instagram handle and tell us about yourself. The goofier your pictures the better, please don't be shy!  You don't have to be fast, you don't have to look like "the typical runner" (whatever that is).  We're looking for real people passionate about running and safety.  We'll send some reflective goodies your way and get your input testing new stuff too.


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