Meet the Team

RUSEEN - Jill Spengler

Jill Spengler

Accounting & Human Relations

 Jill has been working with RUSEEN since the company started in 2010. Her job title is currently Accounting and Human Relations. She is a wife and a mother; her family is her life. When Jill is in the office she brings in her little one occasionally to “help” with the paperwork. In her spare time, she loves to cook and run. Jill makes delicious and healthy food, she even makes her own bread and pasta at home. When she goes out for a run she usually takes her favorite running partners, her daughter and her sister, Michele, with her.  Jill enjoys when Michele pushes the stroller and runs at a slower pace, however Jill is speedy herself and don’t let her fool you otherwise. Jill has run numerous races starting at age 12. In 2014 she ran a PR half marathon time of 1:43.

RUSEEN - Michele GallenMichele Gallen

Sales & Marketing


Michele ran her first 5k with her father when she was 12. Since then she has been running on and off, competing in high school and college xc and track. She went to Lock Haven University and got a dual degree in Outdoor and Community Commercial Recreation Management. Before working at RUSEEN Michele worked for State and National parks in NY and AK teaching science education. Currently she lives and commutes to work with her much-loved dog and RUSEEN mascot named Nala. Michele’s job title at RUSEEN is event coordinator. Michele has run three marathons and qualified for the Boston Marathon all three times. She ran the Boston Marathon in 2015 and now plans to participate in running events that have a good after party and aren’t as competitive.  She likes to run for fun, exercise, and for her sanity.

RUSEEN - Amy BirdAmy Bird

Production Manager

 Meet Amy, she’s the production department around here.  She does everything from tweaking the graphics for your custom design to shipping your finished apparel.  Amy fills all the regular web orders, researches projects & she adds new merchandise to the website.  Her desk is always a total pit, that's the only way she can find anything though.  She likes the physical "making" part of her job best, if she runs 5000 steps through the building before noon & didn't get to sit in her chair it's a very good day!  Amy normally wakes before 3am to hit the gym early while it's (mostly) empty so she’s the first person to work every day. All of us in the office aren’t sure how she does it. In her spare time, she likes to play games on her tablet & she always has a sock or hat she’s knitting in her bag to keep her hands busy.  She does a lot of cycling on the rail trails in warmer weather & loves to fish.

RUSEEN - NalaNala

Company Mascot

 Meet the cutes employee, Nala! She’s a 6yr old brindle boxer who enjoys coming to work daily. Her duties include waking Michele up, so they arrive at work on time and raising the morale in the office. While at work she loves to go out and in the office door on nice days. Catching some sun rays and sleeping must be her favorite activity while at the office. When she’s not at work she likes to explore, whether she’s hiking or swimming. She likes all animals but is a big baby and tends to get nervous and hide if animals start following her. Nala goes on doggie vacation about once a year where she gets to hang out with lots of dogs, cats, and people who call dibs on which bed she sleeps in every night. Before Nala started her daily route of going to work she was a dedicated college doggie and enjoyed attending parties and sleepovers at friends houses. She’s extremely good at rolling with the changes.

RUSEEN - Nick DaviesNick Davies

Marketing Director

 Meet Nick, here at RUSEEN Reflective Apparel Nick is in charge of our marketing efforts. A graduate from Full Sail University he uses the skills he has picked up to create ads and campaigns for us. Any media that is created for us is his doing whether it's pictures, video, or social media. His technical know-how is an essential key to our online success. In his free time he enjoys many activities like playing deck hockey, hiking, music, video games, and much more.