Meet the Team

RUSEEN - Amy BirdAmy Bird

Production Manager

 Meet Amy, she’s the production department around here.  She does everything from tweaking the graphics for your custom design to shipping your finished apparel.  Amy fills all the regular web orders, researches projects & she adds new merchandise to the website.  Her desk is always a total pit, that's the only way she can find anything though.  She likes the physical "making" part of her job best, if she runs 5000 steps through the building before noon & didn't get to sit in her chair it's a very good day!  Amy normally wakes before 3am to hit the gym early while it's (mostly) empty so she’s the first person to work every day. All of us in the office aren’t sure how she does it. In her spare time, she likes to run, hike, cycle on the rail trails & she always has a sock or hat she’s knitting or crocheting in her bag to keep her hands busy.