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RUSEEN Reflective Apparel's retro-reflective technology returns light directly back to its source, keeping all who exercise safer in low-light conditions. Our competitors use reflective ink which produces 30 to 50 lumens of light and it washes out eventually. Our reflective material produces around 300 lumens, that's almost 10x the amount of anyone else and ours will never wash out so it will always be as bright as the day you bought it. It's essentially like looking into a mirror.

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel - Reflective Facts - Meet The Technology

"Chances of being struck and killed as a pedestrian increase 1100% after dark"

National Safety Council.

"Poor visibility of pedestrians is a major contributing cause of higher nighttime accident rates"

U.S. Public Health Service

"In a survey of safety specialists, reflectorization countermeasures were identified as having the highest overall rating as a means for reducing school children accidents during darkness"

U.S. Department of Transportation

"A person dressed completely in black wearing a thumb sized reflector is detected at longer distances than a person dressed completely in white"

Federal Highway Administration

"8 out of 10 drivers who struck people at night didn't see them. 95% of motorists who hit people at night are not ticketed for any traffic violations" 

Indiana State Police Reports.
RUSEEN Reflective Apparel - Reflective Capabilities Example

Cornell University Cooperative Extension Program has published a report on "Action Wear: Clothing for Fitness". The report states that pedestrians walking along a road in dark clothing at night are first seen approximately 55 feet away, giving a driver less than one second reaction time. A driver traveling at 60 mph needs over 260 feet to stop. They list the following colors and visibility distances: BLACK/BLUE - 55 feet; RED - 80 feet; YELLOW -120 feet; WHITE - 180 feet; REFLECTORIZED - 500 feet OR MORE.
In the Scandinavian countries, where reflectors have been used by all members of the population since the early '60's, the nighttime pedestrian accident rate is 50% less than ours here in the United States. In the US, over 60% of pedestrian accidents and deaths occur in the dark says the National Safety Council. Wear or carry a reflector starting today!

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