How do I return a purchased item?

We will be happy to help you with your exchange or account credit. All returns must be authorized and approved in advance by RUSEEN, via email or by phone 610.777.1288.

Items must be returned within 15 days of receipt in new/unused condition and contain all original documentation. Shipping charges and fees will not be refunded.

"Sale" purchases are final and will not be refunded.  We will honor pre-approved exchanges for a different size under the conditions above.  

There will be no refunds or exchanges for special order or customized apparel, work wear, clearance/overstocks, any item marked disposable, race bibs or club apparel.

Order Status

When will my order arrive?

Within 1 to 3 business days you should receive an email to the address associated with the order. On a rare occasion some orders can take up to a week (also custom items). Your tracking number will be located on this email. If for some reason you would not receive your email please contact us at abird@ruseen.com.

How do I find my tracking number for my order?

You'll find your tracking number with your shipping confirmation email. Your confirmation email was sent to the email address associated with the order. If you don't see this email in your inbox, check your 'SPAM' email file. Your email system might have confused it with spam depending on your filters.

Why is my order delayed?

Orders may be delayed if ordered products are out of stock. Custom orders may be delayed for similar reasons or we may be awaiting your confirmation on mock-ups. If you are unsure please contact us via email or phone.

Can I change something on my order?

If the order hasn't been shipped we can make most requested changes. Please contact us with any concerns or changes via phone.

Reflective Apparel FAQ

Why choose RUSEEN’s Reflective Apparel over others?

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel’s retro-reflective technology returns light directly back to its source, keeping all who exercise safer in low-light conditions. Our competitors use reflective ink which produces around 30 to 50 lumens of light and it washes out eventually. Compared to our reflective material, ours produces around 300 lumens, that's almost 10x the amount of anyone else and ours will never wash out; so it will always be as bright as the day you bought it. It's essentially like looking into a mirror.

What size should I get?

In general our shirts fit true to size, with the exception of the women’s short sleeve shirts with secondary colored sides. Please refer to our sizing chart page for more details and sizing for all our garments.

Can I order larger/smaller or tall apparel?

Some styles are available outside of our stock sizes.  Email for info about the style(s) you're interested in.

How do I wash my garments?

Machine wash cold with like colors, do not use bleach or fabric softeners; tumble dry low, remove promptly, do not iron, do not dry clean.

What size is your reflective running vest?

Our standard reflective running vest (Does Not Include Tech Vest) are a one-size-fits-most. With adjustable shoulder and side straps, most can fit it properly. In cases where the vest is still too small, we recommend using our reflective arm bands to extend the side straps.

Example of our vests and how they fit:

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel - Reflective Vest Sizing Example - Blind Runner & Guide

I have multiple discount codes, can I combine discounts?

We DO NOT allow multiple promotional codes to be used at one time. Also, any marked down apparel and custom apparel are unable to use a promotional code.

Do you offer gift cards?

We do offer gift cards for up to $100, check them out here!

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We offer discounts on large purchases, please contact us with any questions via email or phone.

Where is your store located?

We are located in Sinking Spring, near Reading, PA. Northwest of Philadelphia.

Do you travel to Expo’s and other events?

Yes, if you are interested in having us to an event please contact us via email or phone.

Do you offer a warranty / guarantee on your garments?

Disclaimer/Limited warranty:

These products are warranted against defects in manufacturing only. Because applications vary, no use warranty is implied or intended. It will be the buyers responsibility to determine whether these products will adequately protect the wearer in the environment in which they are to be used. No oral representation inconsistent with the above shall be binding to RUSEEN Reflective Apparel.

Are your products in stores?

Yes, we have shirts available at The Fallen Arch in Lake Placid, NY and Ready Set Run in Stroudsburg, PA. If you are interested in carrying our products please contact us via email or phone.

Do you offer an Affiliate Program?

We are currently working on the details of our Affiliate program. Please check back for new details. If you are interested feel free to reach out to us with more questions.

Custom Order FAQ

Can I use promotional codes for custom orders?

We DO NOT allow any promotional codes to be used on custom apparel orders.

Is there a minimum amount I must order to place a custom order?

There is no minimum order number to have something custom made. We can handle a single custom item to a large order.

What type of customization do you offer?

We offer the ability to put your logo, graphics, or text onto any of our garments. This can be in vinyl or reflectivity.

What is the standard turnaround time for custom orders?

Once all of the decisions are made and the items are paid for 1-3 weeks.

Do you offer more clothing style options than what is shown on your website?

Yes, we are able to get many different styles and colors of shirts, jackets, pants, and more in. If you are looking for something specific and don't see it just ask!

Can I get my own clothing done in reflectivity?

Yes, we are willing to apply reflective or vinyl to your personal garments as long as they are clean and made of a compatible material (cotton, polyester or blends).  Email for info.

Workwear FAQ


(2021) Work wear prices have recently been increased to cover the bulk & weight of many of the items we offer.  You may choose the Flat Rate shipping option, we'll ship with the most economical method (USPS or UPS).  If you want a specific method please choose UPS or Priority Mail in the shipping drop down menu & pay the extra costs associated with each to receive them that way.

What is ANSI?

ANSI, which stands for the “American National Standards Institute”, has served as coordinator of the U.S. private sector, voluntary standardization system for more than 90 years.

Their mission is to enhance both the global competitiveness of U.S. business and the U.S. quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems, and safeguarding their integrity. Through its members, staff, constituents, partners and advocates, ANSI responds directly to the standardization and conformity assessment interests and needs of consumers, government, companies and organizations.

What is difference between ANSI Classes?

Class I - Class one vests are for workers whose job puts them at the lowest risk level. These would be jobs in areas where traffic is traveling at or below 25 mph, and work is taking place at a safe distance from a roadway. An example of this type of work would be sidewalk repair in a small residential neighborhood.

According to the ANSI in order for a vest to qualify as a Class 1 safety vest it must either a safety yellow or safety orange color, and have a minimum of 155 square inches of reflective tape. These reflective strips must go around the middle of the vest as well as over the shoulder. These ANSI safety vests are designed to cover the torso only and do not require sleeves.

Class II - A Class 2 vest is intended for working environments that pose a greater risk. This can include workers who are on a roadway where traffic is moving under 50 mph. These vests are larger than their class 1 counterparts because they require more high visibility and reflective areas to be present. A Class 2 vest must have at least 775 inches of safety yellow or safety orange back ground material and 201 square inches of reflective striping. These ANSI safety vests are commonly worn by survey crews, airport baggage handlers, and school crossing guards.

Class III - Class 3 vests are reserved for people working in the most dangerous environments where visibility is the highest priority. This includes roadways where traffic is traveling in excess of 50mph, but it can also apply to emergency personnel or tow truck operators working in blizzard or hurricane conditions where visibility is at a minimum.

A Class 3 ANSI safety vest is the largest of the ANSI vests because it requires the most background fabric and reflective striping. Because a class 3 vest requires 1,240 inches of safety yellow or safety orange background and 310 square inches of reflective striping, it often resembles a short sleeve t-shirt more than a traditional vest.

What ANSI class do I need to buy?

Recommendations surrounding the speed of traffic, the complexity of the work environments and the worker's ability to focus should all be taken into account. Each company must have a "competent person" (often the Safety Director or Manager) make this determination. A risk assessment should be performed to answer this question - or the company may select to default to Class III for all of their high visibility needs as a precaution.

Should I personalize or logo my apparel?

Many companies favor the professional appearance and the brand identity of adding logos. This gives companies the unique opportunity to advertise their company while workers are out on the job. A decrease in theft/shrinkage has been associated with personalizing the apparel.

Why is the lime-yellow color more prevalent in the US market?

Lime is by far the preferred color for ANSI wearers. This is due to multiple factors.
• Easier to see- April 2000 issue of Utility Safety reports lime color provides better visibility in a cluttered work zone. Lime is seen more clearly and more brightly than the orange. Red/green colorblind individuals see orange as black in sodium light (roadway conditions).
• Orange is in uses for barricades and other inanimate objects. At low visibility, is preferred to differentiate the worker from his backdrop.
• Penal system has selected orange - road crews do not want to be confused with a prison work crew.

What colors of ANSI garments can I select?

ANSI has approved 3 specific fluorescent colors for use - lime-yellow, orange and red. In the United States, the lime-yellow and orange are available. The red is primarily a European offering which we DO NOT carry.

Can I buy cotton ANSI and still be compliant?

Temporarily. The standards for ANSI 107-2010 require a compliant background material of fluorescent lime or orange. The requirements to dye to the fluorescent color are rigorous. The natural fibers of cotton will not hold the dye initially, and wash out after around 20 washes.