About Us | Experts In Reflective Athletic Clothing

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel is a producer of Hi-visibility and Reflective Athletic Clothing, Reflective Shirts, Reflective Tank Tops, Reflective Jackets, Reflective Vests, Hats, and Accessories. We specialize in reflective athletic apparel for runners, bikers, walkers, and the outdoor enthusiast. 

RUSEEN's founder produced Hi-Visibility and reflective clothing for over 30 years. All of our employees are avid runners and bikers; therefore we are in tune with what the active individual is looking for in a reflective garment. Our mission and company goal is to keep ALL individuals who are exercising SAFER, by the utilization of Hi-Visibility & Reflective Activewear.

RUSEEN uses more reflectivity than other leading brands. Our competitors often use reflective ink which only produces 30 to 50 lumens, we use reflectivity rated 330/550 lumens. Plus, the ink used washes out where are reflectivity will never wear out, it will always be as bright as the day you bought it. The technology of RetroReflective returns light directly back to its source. Keeping the Runner, Biker, Hiker, and you...SAFER!

Wearing RUSEEN Reflective activewear has many benefits and features. Our garments are made of soft, breathable, moisture wicking materials and have good UV-Protection. We are devoted to your safety and visibility, while providing you with comfortable and fashionable options for workout clothes.