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Mike Gallen

Just returned from a two-week marathon road trip. Week one drove to Ft Worth Texas to exhibit at the Cowtown Marathon Expo, February 23 & 24 & week two continued to Little Rock Marathon Expo which was March 1 & 2.

SUBJECT Matter:  The Easy Solution

So here I am exhibiting at the Ft Worth (Cowtown Marathon Expo) and 71% of the runners I spoke to, which by the way are of all ages, all genders, just have no idea what reflectivity is. These individuals for the most part have zero comprehension / no idea what the difference is between being  pro-active & re-active, and for the most part do not care. That is until someone gets hurt, hit, falls, injured or all of the above.

Cowtown Marathon Expo Logo, Fort Worth, Texas

As I have stated over and over again RUSEEN is not about selling clothing. We try to educate the general public (runners) about their safety & visibility while running and exercising (outside), through hi-visibility apparel and reflective clothing. Runners at marathon expos are happy, considerate, and have great stories to tell but generally lack the knowledge of being safe. We have all heard this time & time again, “well it can’t happen to me” but when it does it’s too late. Your friend, companion, son, or daughter are now possibly injured because of what, not being pro-active in what you are wearing, not being visible to the individuals driving?

Week 2 - Little Rock Marathon Expo

Week two of my trip like I mentioned prior, I drove from Fort Worth, Texas to Little Rock, Arkansas for the Little Rock Marathon Expo. Set my booth-up and again started preaching safety & visibility to many of individuals who passed by my booth. It appears to me or should I say that 90% of these runners were only interested in a device that had the ability to hold or carry their cell phones. Maybe it’s me but I just don’t “get it” nor can I comprehend why anyone would want to carry technology during a run. Are these individuals afraid of getting lost that they need GPS or MapQuest, or might they decide to chat with the siblings or “ex” (now that’s funny). These runners are in the same category as the prior runners in Fort Worth Texas area.

Little Rock Marathon Expo - Little Rock, Arkansas

Educating Where We Can

RUSEEN really, really tries to provide, teach and educate awareness to all runners by being pro-active. Which means wearing bright clothing during the early morning hours, afternoons and evening hours, as well . Wearing reflectivity is simple. RUSEEN provides reflectivity in many different forms and designs. We have the ability to apply reflective decals, symbols, names, or graphics on just about and kind of clothing and apparel. For hard surfaces we have stickers and adhesive reflective marking and designs.

FYI: The white painted road line you all see while driving your vehicle is about 35 luminance, (meaning the brightness of that road line) and the center yellow road line is about 48 luminance. The RUSEEN reflectivity is a minimum of 330 luminance to 550 lums, keeping all runners seen and safer. People, it’s far better for all runners to be pro-active rather than re-active (meaning jumping out of the ways of cars because of your stupidity). Fact, there are more drivers each & every day. Senior citizens are living longer (and the older ones should not be driving) with that said, please be safe out there use some common sense like wearing bright and or reflective clothing while exercising, until next time over & out.

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