A Typical Saturday Run In Eastern Pennsylvania

Mike Gallen

A Typical Saturday Morning Run

If you want to start your Saturday off right this is the way to do it. Saturday morning runs tend to be the longest run of the week and the most interesting. If you don’t know the way you better keep up if you’re not planning to get lost. A few of the runners, myself included, know the short cuts. The short cuts sometimes include bushwhacking, but you gotta do what you got to do.

On a usual morning in the early spring the weather is around 30 degrees, I’ll usually throw some reflective athletic clothing on those darker or overcast mornings. Runners are gathering in the parking area, getting their morning garb-on for our usual 2-hour trail jaunt. Bull-shit is flying up every crevice even before we get started.  Like, who did what race, who ran where or what group was mountain biking, or who is getting divorced or who is dating who. Then the BS stops when we either hit the first hill or the pace picks-up. Giving all the peace and quiet that makes running so rewarding.

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Most if not all of our weekend trail runs on a scale from 1 - 10, 10 being the most difficult are a 6 in difficulty. Here in Eastern Pennsylvania where I run our group deals with “rocks”, more fu_kin rocks than one wants to accept. Falling is not an excuse; it’s a fact for the amateur or newbie. All of the rocks cause your eyes to get tired from looking around so quick for a good spot to place your foot. Eventually you get use to it and it’s not as difficult and tiring. After 50 years of running, I’m still trying to educate trail runners on a host of basic trail fundamentals.

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No Longer Runners But Plotters

Our weekend trail runs usually draw anywhere between 8 - 20 plotters. Once you leave cement, macadam or asphalt you are no-longer considered a runner, but a plotter. The average plotter can go most distances, for we all know if you can run 10 miles you can run 20 miles and if you can run 20 miles you can complete a 50K. You all get my drift, it called time on your feet.

Trail runners in general are not right in the head, they enjoy the outdoors and usually don’t give a shit about the weather because we can’t control that one, “the weather”.  In the Spring we deal with obstacles like high levels of pollen, bees, snakes, early morning skunks, and an occasional bear all in a days run. We can’t forget about all those creek crossings and the sloppy wet foot sliding in the sneaker… and here comes the blisters. (a whole other topic) Here is a plug for ya, a product called Sport Shield by 2Toms, try it and you will not be disappointed, stops “ALL Blisters” and believe me when you are out on those trials and the blisters start you are going to want it.

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Summing It Up

If you are looking for a fresh challenge for your Saturday morning get off the macadam and into the trails. I can’t speak for every area but running on the trails is a rewarding experience. The challenge and excitement that comes from having to focus in on your foot placement and the beautiful scenery will bring your runs a whole new level of appreciation. So wear your reflective apparel, use Sport Shield for blisters and hit the trails. The end… more to follow.

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