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Here at RUSEEN Reflective Apparel we have the in-house ability to customize almost any type of apparel or accessories with your text or logo. We can apply what you want on your clothing in vinyl or reflectivity. Whether you want it just for yourself or a large group we will get the job done for you.

Custom Reflective Apparel

As many of you know athletic clothing is the foundation of our business. First and foremost we serve the runner, jogger, pet walker, or any outdoor enthusiast. We want to keep those who spend their time outdoors safe, seen, and stylish day or night. We also want to give you, the customer, the ability to have your own ideas brought to life. You can submit custom sayings, graphics, or logos to us to have it applied onto almost any apparel. All you need to do to submit a custom order is fill out a short survey and send us your graphics via email.

We have made custom apparel for many different customers, clubs , and organizations. Some of the most recent custom orders we have fulfilled have included Phantom Fireworks, Tamarack Casino, and an adorable onesie for one of our tiny customers!

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel - Reflective Onesie - Custom Order

Many of our custom athletic wear orders come from running clubs. We supply many different running clubs and hashing groups with all their clubs apparel. Often we will collaborate with the clubs and send them mock ups of what they need, from there we create custom product pages on our website just for their members to access and purchase. Sometimes the apparel becomes a permanent addition to our website so club members can easily order again without filling out another custom order.

Custom Workwear

A big area we are beginning to expand into is the safety apparel industry. This is apparel used by construction workers, electricians, road workers, etc. Often times in these types of industries high visibility reflective apparel is required by law to be worn. To compete in this area we started carrying ANSI approved apparel. ANSI approved basically follows guidelines put forward by The American National Standards Institute that require a certain amount of reflectivity and specific high vis colors on garments.

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel - Reflective Workwear - Custom Order - ANSI Approved Reflective Vest

Just like our athletic clothing we have the ability to customize any ANSI approved apparel. Most ANSI clothing orders we receive are from companies that need to keep their employees safe during work. Instead of just having a blank reflective vest we apply their logos / company names to garments so while their employees are on the job they are also promoting the company. This makes for great advertising opportunities. To take it a step further companies like this will order normal shirts from us as well with their company name / logo on it so even while employees are just out on their own time they could be wearing their companies name to bring them even more advertising opportunities.

Other Custom Clothing Opportunities

Customers are welcomed to come in to our store with their own clothing (or ship us your own clothing, as long as it is clean of course!) and ask us to apply reflectivity to it as well. We have had all sorts of different types of unique clothing come through our doors. A handful of times we have even had customers that bring in their motorcycle jackets to have us apply reflective to it. It doesn’t matter whether it is hats, gloves, shirts, jackets, or pants, if we can apply vinyl or reflectivity to it for you we will.

The last big part of are custom apparel orders comes from working with race directors. If you have ever been in a race whether it’s a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, and beyond what’s the one thing they always give out to runners? Well shirts of course! What better way to make your race shirts stick out then giving out reflective shirts? We recently made prize shirts for a race called The Hyner View Trail Challenge.

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel - Custom Order - Hyner View Trail Challenge

Wrapping It Up

So if you need reflective applied to your clothing we have your back. Just give us a ring or fill out our survey and shoot us an email and we will help you out. Hope to hear from you, cheers!

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