The Best Clothes for a Safe Nighttime Workout

Nick Davies

Time flies when you're having fun. Even when you're not having fun, time goes by too quickly! 24 hours never seems to be enough time to fit everything in. Especially when it comes to your fitness regime. To fit exercise into their schedule, many are opting for an early morning or a nighttime workout.

A nighttime workout can be great, no need to worry about the heat of the sun beating down. And no need to worry about your neighbors staring at your red, sweaty face as you run by! Whatever the reasons, exercising in the dark poses a risk.

Whether you're taking a brisk walk, running, cycling or even doing squats on the side of the road, you need to be visible to any drivers or even pedestrians.

Reflective Wear Can save you life

Did you know that in the US, over 60% of pedestrian accidents and deaths occur in the dark? That's a big percentage. How can you keep safe? Read on to find out.

Stay Visible During Your Nighttime Workout

You could think that wearing bright colors or white clothes would be enough to keep you visible. But that's not the case. The best and most practical thing you can do is wear high visibility clothing. Now I know what you're thinking, high vis clothing isn't exactly the most trendy thing to wear.

Exercising in itself isn't the most glamorous thing to do, especially when your pouring with sweat. Covering yourself up with a construction workers jacket isn't going to be very flattering.

The aim of reflective clothing is safety, not style...

You Can't Handle the style

But it is now being designed with a dual purpose, to be both safe and fashionable!

Choosing High Visibility Clothing

Good reflective clothing should have reflectors on the front, back, and sides. This will enable you to be seen from all angles.

The reflective material should also be placed on your moving parts, such as your arms or legs to be most effective. If the high visibility material is only on your torso, you may look like an inanimate object.

Depending on where you are and how low the visibility is, a small reflective button or design may not be sufficient enough. You may need 360-degree coverage to keep safe and sound.

And as with all good fitness clothing, it also needs to be breathable, non-chafing, and water resistant.

Accessories to Make You Stand Out

If you prefer not to wear the full kit, there are many accessories to use as an alternative.

Reflective belts are an easy way to help you stand out in the dark.

Hats and headbands can help with visibility and also keep your head warm or your hair out of the way.

Using armbands and gloves are very noticeable, as they will most likely be moving around as you exercise.

A headlamp or safety light is also great protection. Instead of carrying a flashlight in your hand, these alternative lights will help you to see whats in front of you.

Safe and Stylish

You can be safe, yet stylish if you choose carefully.

Finding the right clothes for your nighttime workout could even be a matter of life or death.

So don't compromise! We have a great range of fashionable high vis clothing designed especially to keep your night-owl workouts risk free.

Check out our shop for the latest reflective technology in fitness clothing.

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