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A Simple Reflective Option

I normally drive to work around sunrise when the light is still dim.  Every morning I pass “Backpack Guy” on his bicycle on a curvy, tree lined road near my house.  He's always wearing dark clothes with his signature black backpack and only a small piece of hi-vis fabric tied to the strap.  I don't know how many close calls this poor man has probably had. I also pass “Joann the Walker” out for her morning 5 miles, also not wearing any reflective. I really wish they had some kind of reflective on for their safety.  

One of the easiest & most economical solutions is a pair of reflective arm bands.  They'd be especially great worn on the cyclist's ankles so I'd see them constantly moving.  I know I get attached to certain clothes for my workouts and when it's hot and humid you might not want to add another layer or something with more coverage.  But two simple reflective arm or leg bands could make a huge difference and you won't even know you have them on. And if I could stop & talk to “Backpack guy” I'd send him over to our store and show him our awesome reflective backpacks

Goodr Sunglasses Review

A shout-out to the Hungry Runner Girl for the plug for Goodr sunglasses.  I really don't wear shades much, I've tried so many brands over the years but I always felt like they made it too dark for me to see well and they never fit quite right.  I wasn't expecting to be super impressed with the Goodr glasses but I saw a promo code & had a few bucks to burn so I ordered a pair. And Wow. Just the right tint. Can't even feel them on my face or ears. It's like they were made just for me.

Goodr Sunglass - Product Review - Going To Valhalla… Witness!  

It's been brutally hot here in PA and they've done many a sweaty mile with me on the trails, no slip, slide or bounce.  And the hilarious names for each style & color?! If you need a laugh click on over.  I'm wearing “Going to Valhalla...Witness!”  I'm so in love.  Often I can't decide if I need a reflective hat or sunglasses so I take both.  In the shadier sections of trail I just slip them on top of my hat brim & they sit nicely until they're needed again.  If you're in the market for a new pair you can't beat their prices, mine were less than $25 with a code I found.

Podcast Pick

Great Podcast - Stuff You Should Know

I don't run with music anymore but I won't go out without a podcast!  I remember my mom watching her afternoon “stories” (soap operas) and I thought it was so...?  I don't know, boring and definitely not my thing. I've become her! If I don't get my daily fix I'm a monster!  My go-to is Stuff You Should Know.  Quite simply it's 2 geeky guys talking about everything from the history of the lava lamp to how condoms work.  Some of my favorite episodes include “Is Brain Size Related To Intelligence?” “How Cremation Works” and “Two Times In The 70s When People Buried Ferraris.”  If you've ever watched “How it's Made” on the Science or Discovery Channel it's like that but the hosts are a riot & I'd sure love to meet up with them for a post-run beer!


Hungry Runner Girl Goodr Sunglasses Review (her review is on this page too)

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Goodr Sunglasses Website - Going To Valhalla… Witness!

Stuff You Should Know Podcast

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