30 Signs You Might Be Dating a Runner

Michele Gallen

If you know any runners or are a runner yourself then you know how they / we can have some odd habits, weird lingo, and a lot of sweaty running apparel and gear all over the place. Love it or hate it you put up with us anyway and we appreciate it! 😁Here are 30 signs you might be dating a runner.

  1. Marathon doesn’t mean a movie marathon but instead 26.2 miles of running.
  2. $120 is a “good deal” on running shoes, so they buy two pairs….but they already own more sneakers than other shoes.
  3. It looks like a running store threw up in their laundry room.Blog Post - Runners Dirty Laundry Pile
  4. Sweaty, wet running clothes are constantly being aired out.
  5. Half of their wardrobe is running clothes.
  6. Friday nights need to end early because of Saturday morning races.
  7. Vacations turn into run-cations.
  8. Meal times are dictated by when they get out for their run.
  9. When you hear 5k you think of 3.1 miles, not five thousand dollars.
  10. They pack toilet paper in their shorts pocket before they leave for a run.
  11. They wake up before the crack of dawn to get in their long run.
  12. You’re frequently asked to go out on a run, even if you’re not a runner….and you notice them asking every friend too.
  13. Sweat is pouring off their body all over the house when they get back from a run.
  14. Some of their clothing is too stinky to wash with your stuff.
  15. You see them running back and forth past the house or doing small loops to finish their run at 5 Miles, not 4.89 Miles.Blog Post - Running Circles - Meme
  16. Seeing a spare pair of running shoes and clothes in the trunk of their car is normal.
  17. When you’re driving in the car together and they mention a certain area looks nice for running.
  18. They wear their Garmin watch even when they aren’t running.
  19. Weird words come out of their mouth like PR, Fartlek, Tempo, BQ, Bloody Nipples, Corral….
  20. Could they possibly wear shorter shorts?
  21. The word “easy” and “10 miler” are used in the same sentence.
  22. Your partner gets jealous when they’re out driving and sees someone else out for a run.
  23. A “sweat” towel is kept by the driver’s seat in the car.
  24. Your partner talks about running when you’re out with friends.
  25. You’re asked to help roll them out with “The Stick” (aka “rolling pin” to a non runner).Blog Post - Rolling Stick - Runners
  26. The breed of dog they own/want depends on how long that dog can run.
  27. They wear athletic socks with dress clothes because those are the only socks they own.
  28. Their drawers are filled with endless amounts of race shirts and hats. (I only have one large drawer of shirt because I have a t-shirt quilt on my sofa, success!)
  29. When they’re talking about lube it’s not what you think. It’s for chub rub/chafing.
  30. All the signs that are listed above are probably normal to the runner in your life and they most likely don’t even realize they do half of them!

So tell me… have you noticed any signs… are YOU dating a runner? If you have favorites or other signs to add to the list please share them with us, we would love to hear them! And from all the runners to those who date us we say thank you for putting up with are habits and loving us! ❤️Happy trails! 😊

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