Finding the Motivation for Winter Runs

Nick Davies

Winter is Coming… well maybe it’s here already.

When Old Man Winter comes around it can be difficult to find the motivation to do much of anything. It’s always dark and cold; and for most of us it makes even getting out of bed feel like climbing Mt. Everest. 🏔️

Old Man Winter

With the elements against us it’s important and invigorating to fight our natural instincts and get outside, embracing the cold. To win this fight we need the right mindset and gear to get the job done.

So in hopes of lifting spirits and sharing some knowledge here are a few helpful tips for the battle at hand.

Channeling your Fighting (Running) Spirit

It’s the thing we all have and yet it can be the hardest thing to find sometimes, the motivation to get outside and start running. Some of us can muster up the motivation ourselves but for the rest of us it’s not so easy.

One of the best ways to get over this hurdle is to find a running 🏃 buddy or group to join. When others are relying or expecting you to be somewhere it makes backing out a whole lot harder.

Here come the excuses, “I can’t find anyone to run with”, “I don’t like people”. Yeah, yeah we have used them all before too. For those who say they can’t find anyone to run with, look for a club; they are a lot easier to find than you think. Check out Road Runners Club of America and you can search by state.

Look at it this way, if it really is that cold out, there is nothing stopping you from going back inside if you can’t stand the cold. Though I suspect that for most (like me) once you get moving you’ll want to finish. I’m also sure that once you have finished you will feel a whole lot better as though you were in a meditative state. ✌️

To the Beat of the Drums

If you just don’t like people then maybe the right music can give you the motivation you have been looking for. I know personally that with the right soundtrack playing it adds all the fuel I need to get out and run.

Run to the Beat of the Music

Music 🎵 is a special thing I believe most of us take for granted, a good beat is universal. It can speak to anyone of any culture, language, or age. It can affect our emotional state, make us reflect on ourselves, connect and drive us to move whether that is physical or mental.

So find the beat that connects with you and drives you to move. For more on building your playlist check out this Buzzfeed article on creating the perfect workout playlist, according to science.

The Right Athletic Gear

With all that motivation how could you not go out for a run? Well hold up a second cause you still want to run smart. This means being prepared with the right cold weather running gear to protect you against the elements.

First things, first wear the right shoes 👟  for the occasion. You’ll want some with less mesh and good grip. Be sure to wear socks that wick away wetness but keep your feet warm.

The next thing you’ll want is the right clothing. You want to be warm but not so much that you are sweating and get the chills. “The rule of thumb is to dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer,” says Maine Track Club president Mark Grandonico.

I personally wear my reflective running pants, a long sleeve shirt, gloves and a beanie from RUSEEN Reflective Apparel. For most cold days this is perfect for maintaining the right temperature and it’s all moisture wicking so I don’t get the chills if I do start to sweat. For the really cold days I’ll throw on my reflective jacket as well.

RUSEEN - Men's Reflective Pants

All of my running gear is reflective so whether it’s dark, overcast, or foggy I feel much more confident running along the curvy back roads around my home. Cars always slow down for me and wait to pass in the oncoming lane.

Now I know what you are thinking, yes I did just plug our own reflective athletic gear in my blog post but it truly is what I use. If nothing else I hope it lets you the reader know that we believe in and use our own reflective apparel cause we want to run smart and run safe.

Old Man Winter Can’t Hold us Down

So remember when it comes to the winter blues we all get them but getting outside and moving is the best way to conquer those feeling. Run with a group, friends, or with your music it doesn’t matter. Just be prepared and run smart. Happy trails!

Check out all our athletic gear here!

RUSEEN - Nick Davies

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