Confessions of a No-Good, Two-Bit Runner

Amy Bird

Hi! I'm Amy, I manage the Production Department at RUSEEN Reflective Apparel. I'm also the newest runner in our little work family and I have a confession to tell you... the truth is I'm afraid to go for a run. Especially with any of my co-workers or they will see how bad I really am. I have no form, training, technique, grace, style... you name it; I don’t have it. I run like Phoebe.

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel - Running Like Phoebe

I don't know why I think “real” running is something I'm missing out on, but it feels like something I should try, even if for no end reason at all.

Good Day... Bad Day? Time to Run.

I do run. Some days it's just to get a little sunshine, see the birds & squirrels on the trail, smile & chat with strangers. Other days it’s to think about anything but real life; it's stress relief or rather it starts that way.

The first half mile I'm like “Oh boy, this isn't as bad as I remember.” Another half mile in & I'm begging to die & wondering if or rather when I'll fall down. Back and forth, run, walk, run, walk. I go as far as I think I can before I turn around, knowing full well I have to make it back to the car even if it's on my hands and knees. 😫

But afterwards, I feel freaking awesome (most times anyway), I just torture myself like that. I talk and lie to myself the whole way but I'm trying. And maybe that is what real running is… just the confidence and effort to be out there doing it.

First Race Jitters

I'm really socially awkward, especially in a crowd but I stepped way out of my comfort zone last fall and signed up for my first race, a local 5k for charity. At first I was very excited for it but then that confidence started to fade. To tell you the truth if I hadn't blabbed on social media that I was doing it I would have backed out at the last minute!

Showing up, I honestly had no clue what to expect, I didn’t even know when to show up exactly. All I know is that I was too early and almost froze to death! Which kinda helped cause I sure was eager to start running just to warm up.

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel - Eager and Ready to Run

I had so many questions though, what to eat that morning, where to put my car keys and the all important where should I stick the note “If I die on the trail, call this number”. What I did have were good shoes & comfortable running clothes. I skipped the obvious RUSEEN reflective shirt and other reflective running gear in favor of something plain to save them embarrassment if I did need the note above. 😅

Anyway, I ended up meeting a couple ladies just before the start and one was also there to also run/walk so I stuck to her like velcro and we had a great time. I didn’t even come in last! So will I do it again? Maybe...but I think I'll keep my trap shut until it's in the books and I have pics to share for proof.

I am a Real Runner

I'm really looking forward to the end of the relentless snow and rain so I can get back out on the trails. I guess I should take a lesson from myself and realize that real running is just the confidence and effort to be out there moving. Fast, slow, walk, run, in the end it really doesn’t matter. Work at your own pace and strive forward, that’s what counts and that’s what makes me a real runner. 💪 🏃

Are you new to running too? I'd love to hear tips from other new runners and experienced alike! Who knows maybe with the right tip my back and forth, run, walk, run, walk will become a more consistent run instead.

Thanks for reading!

RUSEEN - Amy Bird

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