Reflective Athletic Clothing | Silly Running Shirts

RUSEEN Reflective Apparel offers reflective athletic clothing with silly running sayings. If you have a passion for running and consider yourself the class clown then this collection is for you. Chose from one of our many designs or submit your own for a more personal touch. Make others laugh and be safe, seen, and stylish in your reflective activewear!

Where's the Finish design, front says WTF!?! Back says "Where's the Finish?"
Zombies design, front has a zombie graphic, back says "In Case of Zombies I'm Tripping You!"
Zombie Faster design, front reads "I don't have to be faster than the zombies..." back reads "...just faster than you!"
Zombie Food design, front features a zombie silhouette, back says Zombie Food with arrows pointing left & right and the "i" in zombie is a smaller zombie silhouette
Pain design, front is our small running skeleton logo, back reads "Pain is just weakness leaving the body"
Trample the Weak design, front is our small running skeleton logo, back reads Trample the Weak Hurdle the Dead.
Catch Me If You Can design has those words on the back, front is our small running skeleton logo
Good Idea design, front reads "What was I thinking?" on a diagonal, back reads "I thought this was a good idea 3 months ago..."
Running is Like Coffee design, front only, reads RUNNING is like coffee...I'm much nicer after I've had one
Rockin' the Dad Bod design has those words in fun fonts
F Bomb design, front is a graphic of a bomb with a letter F on it.  Back Reads "Keep back, bombs dropping"
2 Speeds Rabbit design, front has a running rabbit graphic, back reads "I HAVE 2 SPEEDS... & THIS IS THE FAST ONE!"
Turtle Running Team design, front only, smiling turtle graphic & TURTLE RUNNING TEAM above it & WE'RE SLOW AS SHELL! below it.