Unisex Disposable Tear Away Pants

Unisex Disposable Tear Away Pants

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Details & Features

WeatherShield Tear Away Pants are made from a poly-spun blend of Polyethylene and Polypropylene. This high-tech fabric provides a durable and ultra-light outer layer of protection. The WeatherShield are Water-Resistant, Wind-Proof and keep you as warm as Fleece sweats or a heavy sweatsuit. WeatherShield Tear Away Pants are a high-value product for the outdoor enthusiast seeking to perform even when the weather creates additional challenges. Less than 3 oz., WeatherShield Jackets are also very light and fold very small making them compact and therefore easy to store and carry.

WeatherShield Pants are Tear -Away making them ideal for activities such as: Marathons, Biking, Triathlon, Camping, Back Packing, Golf and as Emergency Gear in inclement weather conditions. They can also be used in any case where an economical and warm, waterproof, windproof lightweight shell of protection from the elements or other conditions is needed.

Wear them once, they're disposable but a lot more fashionable than a trash bag, or pack them away to wear again.  WeatherShield Pants are machine-washable and hung to dry.

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